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TIGER 21 Park City is part of the premier global peer membership organization for ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors and executives. With success comes challenges and opportunities, and TIGER 21 Members, through deep, trusted relationships, rely on each other to take their lives to the next level.


  • Dirk Bak

    Dirk Bak

    TIGER 21 Chair, Park City

    Dirk Bak is Chair of Park City 01. He specializes in business development and marketing for start-up organizations and co-founded Corporate Facilities Management, Inc. Bak is currently at the helm of SDQ Janitorial a building maintenance company that services 75 million square feet per night. Bak is very active in a wide variety of community, political, and service projects. He currently serves on the Board of the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota; Cache Private Capital & Diversified Fund, Utah; Elumines, Hollywood CA; Delmec Engineering, Ireland; and Cascadia Healthcare, Idaho. Dirk attended the College of Charleston and graduated from the University of Minnesota, where he designed his own major in BIS: Communications, Economics, and Management. Dirk earned his Law Degree from Concord Law School. In February 2012, Dirk finished his graduate studies at Harvard Business School.

TIGER 21 offers Members a confidential place to discuss, learn, and network as you navigate these issues of wealth and success through:

Candid Monthly Group Meetings

with up to 15 peers who become your trusted confidantes

Cutting-Edge Thought Leadership

through virtual and in-person conferences and events

Access to an Unparalleled Network

of wealth creators worldwide with deep collective intelligence

I never thought I’d find a group aligned with my core vision of trying to evolve, grow, preserve wealth, be a great human being, and raise great kids. TIGER 21 changed my life. It changed me as a person, and it changed the future of what it means to be a Dyrdek.

Rob Dyrdek

When you’re blessed and you’re growing your world, it’s very difficult to talk to people about how much you have and what plans you have. But TIGER 21 offers a platform where you can openly share with people who are in the same position.

Sanjay Singhania

When you have a lot of success, it’s a great thing, but it’s also a little isolating. Now I’m in a community of people that are faced with the same things I’m faced with.

Doug McKeige

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