Investing with Purpose | TIGER 21 Chair Eric Sarasin Interviewed in PE Forum


Debra Xu

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March 13, 2024

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Investments, News

Eric G. Sarasin, Switzerland TIGER 21 Chair, shares insights in an exclusive interview on PE Forum that spans his illustrious career in banking, investment philosophy, and philanthropic pursuits amid fluctuating economic conditions. In addition to addressing his transition from leading a prominent Swiss bank to managing White Sail Consulting, Eric emphasizes the importance of giving back, not only financially but also by sharing expertise and knowledge.

Despite the challenges posed by high interest rates, he remains optimistic about 2024, pinpointing opportunities in burgeoning sectors like AI, blockchain, and 3D printing. Eric discusses the resilience of the venture capital sector, advocating for selective investments in industries on the brink of exponential growth. His global economic outlook is cautiously optimistic, with particular interest in potential positive surprises from China, while noting Europe’s slower pace. Furthermore, Eric shares his perspective on philanthropy, advocating for structured, goal-oriented philanthropic efforts, especially for pressing issues such as climate change and social inequality. He also touches on the transformation in the Gulf region, underlining the importance of education and collaboration in fostering a sustainable investment and philanthropic ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Eric explains why he foresees a dynamic shift in the investment landscape in 2024.

Watch the full interview.

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