Carole began her career in natural foods over 20 years ago, as an analyst in the then nascent natural foods industry. As one of the first analysts to cover Whole Foods, she has had a front row seat as the story of this now powerful sector has emerged. Carole has worked with RBC Capital on the Sell-side and The Boston Company on the Buy-side. In 2008, Carole left financial services, taking a leadership role in corporate finance and investor relations with Gaiam, Inc. In 2010, Carole joined Boulder Brands as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations. While at Boulder Brands, Carole led the acquisition of 4 companies over her first 3 years. Concurrent to this role, Carole served as Managing Director of Boulder Brands Investment Group from 2013 to 2015. Carole sits or has sat on the Boards of Temple Turmeric, EPIC and Bonafide Provisions.

Carole Buyers
Managing Partner
Boulder Investment Group Reprise (BIGR)

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