Virginia Santy, Ph.D., is founder and CEO of Executive Suite Communication, a strategic communication firm addressing marketing, communication, and strategy challenges for a range of clients nationwide with an emphasis on the communication strategies and practices of the C-Suite. She is a researcher and thought leader in the area of (re)designing the places—both physical and from a programmatic perspective—we live and work to determine how to succeed professionally in our lives at home and with family. Most recently, Virginia has been asked to advise on the (re)design of cities to capitalize on the human capital potential of women and girls. 

 She has presented her research on leadership, work satisfaction, and women and work at conferences around the world and implemented a range of programs to recruit and retain women and under-represented minorities into leadership positions and nontraditional fields. 

 Virginia is also the co-founder of Women in Kind, a women’s co-working space and networked community dedicated to meeting women’s needs and addressing the challenges and responsibilities they face at home and work through a supportive workplace environment.


Virginia Santy
Founder and CEO
Executive Suite Communication

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