Jeff Slosar is a globally experienced entrepreneur, executive, and venture capitalist with 20+ years track record of building privately  funded technology related start  ups into profitable, global ventures.  He specializes in software, hi  tech product development, and the commercialization of advanced and complex technologies.  As Managing Director at NextWave, Jeff successfully led the technology vetting, launch and growth of several companies in its 2011 pilot fund, ensuring the fund’s success within three years of initiation.  While the model expanded nationally in 2016 with its second fund, NextWave continues to focus on commercializing university and research  based technologies that have significant non  dilutive government funded IP behind them.  Further, the second fund continues the practices of both resource  sharing to keep burn rates low and active day today management by the NextWave team, prior to securing market validating partners and transitioning the operating premise of portfolio companies to a more traditional VC monitoring approach.  To date, eight companies are under the Opportunity Fund II banner: advanced materials (Smartfoam), nanotechnology (Minus9), non  invasive medical diagnostics (Traq), signal processing (Fulcrum Signal), imaging and optics (uShare), artificial intelligence (Apical), biotech (Synthase) and green energy sensors (Quad Geometrics). An additional 25 companies are envisioned for this $150M fund in additional target areas, including: telecommunications security, self  healing polymers, biomimicry materials, 3D bioprinting, adaptive and self  powered materials. Prior to cofounding NextWave Ventures, Jeff served as an investor, informal advisor and interim President/CEO of several technology and digital media firms up until 2010, focusing on setting and driving the execution of corporate strategy. Results have included both turnarounds and private sale exits.  Prior to these more temporary roles, Jeff launched a software start  up (Triniti) that offered ERP integration tools and services to semiconductor manufacturers (including Sony, Lucent, Qualcomm, AMD, Amkor), paving the way for full factory floor visibility in near real  time, from anywhere in the world.  Triniti’s “Big Bang” approach to software implementation projects – an instantaneous, simultaneous, global implementation and integration of application software systems    cut both time and cost by nearly 50% over traditional approaches. Within six years, Triniti was operating in 4 countries (US, UK, Japan, India) with over 230 employees.  Jeff stepped back in 2006. Some of Jeff’s previous work experience includes working at senior levels as a management consultant (PRTM – Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd & McGrath) within technology firms focusing both on product development and operational/supply chain optimization in several technology sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, and Semiconductor.    Some of Jeff’s clients included Allied Signal, Lucent and Visteon. Jeff was originally recruited for research positions in both aeronautics and medical research and has held research positions with both NASA (Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland) and with the University of Michigan Cancer Research Hospital (Ann Arbor, Michigan) where he has published several papers and holds a patent in computer  based tomography focusing on early  stage brain cancer detection. Jeff received both a BS (Engineering Physics) and MS (Biomedical Engineering) from the University of Michigan.    He also holds an MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) and is a Kauffman Foundation Fellows Finalist (Venture Capital), along with being a recipient of pan  European Business Planning Award for his work in adapting advanced European technologies for the US market. Within NextWave, Jeff focuses on the overall strategic direction of the firm with specific emphasis on technology vetting, commercialization, product development, and negotiations.

Jeff Slosar
Managing Partner
NextWave Ventures

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