Jin Zidell

Founder & Chairman, Blue Planet Run Foundation

Industrialist, philanthropist and environmentalist, Jin Zidell has been a principal in a number of businesses including scrap metal processing, steel forging/fabrication, film and television production, fish farming, real estate development and software development and marketing.  In 1991, Mr. Zidell and his wife established a donor advised philanthropic fund at Marin Community Foundation that focuses on environmental issues.    Mr. Zidell has served on the board and staff of numerous non-profits over the past 35 years.  He founded the Blue Planet Run Foundation in 2002.  Since 1979, he has been affiliated with Dia Rosatsu Zendo Kongo-Il, a Zen Buddhist Monastery.  Mr. Zidell received a BS from the University of Colorado School of Business in 1960.

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