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October 5, 2016

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The TIGER 21 Member Spotlight introduces you to the remarkable people that make up the TIGER 21 community. This week, meet Marvin E. Blum, Founder and Managing Partner of The Blum Firm, P.C., Attorneys at Law and TIGER 21 Dallas Member.

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Marvin Blum
Founder and Managing Partner of
The Blum Firm, P.C.
TIGER 21 Member, Dallas

Since you first became a TIGER 21 Member, can you provide examples of how the organization has helped you?

(1) I have dramatically improved my investment returns.(2) I learned that the number one concern we share is that we want our family to succeed. TIGER 21 urged me to have a family meeting and talk about what matters most to us as a family, helping us pave the way for a successful family legacy.(3) I have made great new friends at a time in my life when it’s hard to start new meaningful relationships.

What are the benefits of being a TIGER 21 Member?

I joined TIGER 21 to learn about investing but ended up getting so much more.(i) The monthly meetings provide great camaraderie with people I care about. (ii) The Portfolio Defense is a valuable look in the mirror that forces me to be accountable for improving my investment picture.(iii) The annual conference is a world-class event I can share with my wife and children, as are other TIGER trips and workshops. Over and over again, TIGER 21 provides me with “mountain top” experiences I would’ve never had if I hadn’t joined.

Tell us a truth about yourself that not many people know.

I grew up in modest circumstances, and the idea that I now have financial means still doesn’t sit well on me. I struggle with postponing joy and with feeling I should wait until the future to fully enjoy life. TIGER 21 helps me come to grips with my wealth and teaches me that the future is now.

Do/did you have a mentor? Who? What the most valuable piece of wisdom/advice he/she taught you?

In an odd reversal of roles, my 33-year-old son Adam has become my mentor. Adam is a voracious reader and discriminate investor who has taught me to be a lifelong learner and to not just work hard, but more importantly, to work smart.

What is the greatest fear you have for your children?

As my estate grows, I want the wealth to be a positive force that leads to good. I see so many families torn apart by money, and I don’t want money to divide my family.

Who was the most important speaker you have seen and why?

As much as I learn from speakers on investments and on family dynamics (Tom Rogerson and James Grubman), the most important to me have been speakers on health and wellness (Dr. Kirk Parsley on how to get a better night’s sleep and Dr. Jonathan Fialkow on eating in a way to reduce the risk of heart disease).

Fun Facts:
Last book you read

Wealth & Happiness by David Geller

Favorite Book

The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall

Favorite Investment

Real estate mortgages

Favorite Place you have travelled

Israel, with my daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Ira

Favorite Food

Fried chicken

Five words to describe yourself

I care about relationships, memorable moments, and a meaningful life.

Favorite Innovation:

Standing at the easel and creating paintings that will live on beyond me.

Bluebonnet Field

This is one of my paintings, titled Bluebonnet Field.