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June 4, 2024

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What happens when you suddenly come into a significant amount of wealth? Who can you turn to for advice and trust? 

Serial entrepreneur Michael Sonnenfeldt founded TIGER 21 to address these very questions, creating a community where like-minded individuals can openly discuss topics, including investing, taxes, and inheritance. 

With over 1,400 Members worldwide, TIGER 21 remains a trusted network for those seeking guidance in managing newfound wealth. In a recent article by Handelszeitung’s Holger Alich, three TIGER 21 Members shared their experiences on the condition of anonymity. 

 “I have saved millions thanks to the meetings because the others talked me out of an investment.” 

“All of a sudden, completely new questions arose, such as how to protect my wealth. 

“The content of the meeting is so exciting, it feels like six minutes, not six hours.” 

TIGER 21 arrived in Switzerland about five years ago, led by Chairs Eric Sarasin and Eelco Fiole. In the article, Eric discusses his experience of introducing the American concept of openness to Switzerland Members. 

The core of TIGER 21 lies in transparency and trust, with Members sharing personal financial details. Unlike other networks, TIGER 21 emphasizes critical self-assessment of financial and life decisions. Meetings are confidential, fostering an environment where Members can speak freely about topics of top concern. Additionally, many Members connect outside of meetings, keeping in touch via TIGER 21’s exclusive Member app and events, and engaging on personal interests, life advice, and more. 

Read the full article (in German behind a paywall).

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